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Guesthouse «Aida Hovhannisyan»

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The proposed guesthouse is located on the second and third floors of a three storey stone cottage. Up to 8 guests can be accommodated in the 2, 2 bed rooms of the second and third floors. The bathroom is on the second floor that has hot water. The toilet is on the first floor.
The fee for a single occupancy of a two beds room without breakfast is AMD 3000, AMD 4000 with breakfast; two meals a day will cost AMD 6000 and 3 meals a day will cost AMD 7500. In case of no breakfast option, complimentary tea and coffee will be served. 
The fee for double occupancy in a 2 bedս room will be AMD 5000 with breakfast the fee will be AMD 8000; two meals a day will cost AMD 12000; three meals a day will cost AMD 15000.

Village Nerkin Hand(Lower Hand), Cottage 6, Apt. 1
Tel.: +374 98 86 42 80Aiada Hovhannisyan/


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