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Rentals and services

Services provided in "Khustup" camp of Zangezur Biosphere Complex SNCO

The camp is located 1 km up to Khustup from Shishkert village of Syunik marz.
One day rest in the camp is 5000 drams per person, which includes the following:

• Staying overnight in a tent
• Sleeping bags 
• Sleeping bag stand
• Flashlight
• Mattress
• Blanket
• Barbecue cooker (including firewood)
• Resting pavilion
• Utility conditions
• Free tea, coffee supplies
• 24-hour guarding service by security personnel.
  • 50% discount for visitors under 10 years old.
The price available in the price list includes VAT.

Appendix 1
Is approved
By ‘’Zangezur Biosphere Complex SNCO’’ Director’s Order N 11-L, 
April 20, 2017 

Route numberDescriptionDistance, kmPayment, RA dram
RA citizensForeign

1Tsav Village-Medieval Bridge-Xajur-Medieval Bridge-Tsav Waterfall-Plane Park3335005000
2Shikahogh Visitor Center - St. Hripsime Medieval Church-Tsav Village-Medieval Bridge-Meghri Mountain Range-Tsav Village6535005000
3Shikahogh Visitor Center-Shikahogh 17th Century Medieval Church-Yew Alley-Tsav Village Church-Plane Park2035005000
4Baghabur-Khustup Sanctuary-Khustup Mount-Shishkert2535005000
5Shikahogh Visitors’ Center - St. Hripsime Medieval Church-East Beech Park-Nerkin Hand Village-Plane Park1535005000
6Tsav village-Jrchr waterfall-Kemants countryside-Tsav village835005000
7Tsav Village-Medieval Bridge-Xajur-Mazra Old Village-Medieval Bridge-Tsav Waterfall-Tsav Village3135005000
8Shvanidzor Mountain Pass-Mtnadzor Gorge-Tsav Village2835005000
9Shishkert Village-Khustup Reserve-Khustup Mountain-Vachagan Village2335005000
10Upper Vachagan Village-Khustup Reserve-Khustup Mountain-Shishkert Village-Shikahogh Visitors’ Center2435005000
11N. Hand Village – Plane Park (nursery)620003500

           Services provided in “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO “Shikahogh” branch

If desired, a certain part of the route can be arranged by car (car rental 1 km 500 AMD).
Reserve fee per person is 1000 AMD, for foreign citizens -2000 AMD.
Route rates include entrance fee.
50% discount is provided for visitors under 15 years old.
The prices included in the price list include VAT.

Services provided in “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO “Shikahogh” branch
Route numberDescriptionDistance, kmPayment by RA dram
RA citizensForeign

1Geghi village - Kirs village - Aramazd mountain peak – part of Darmanadzor2235005000
2Kajaran Village-Kajarants River-Gogi Lake (Kaputan) - Kajaran village2035005000
If desired, a certain part of the route can be arranged by car (car rental 1 km 500 AMD).
50% discount for those under 15 years old.
The prices included in the price list include VAT.


C:\Users\Asrock_VS3\Desktop\Pics 2017\gitajoxov2017.04.15\WP_20150505_024.jpg

Horse Rental – an hour is 2000 AMD

C:\Users\Asrock_VS3\Desktop\Pics 2017\gitajoxov2017.04.15\DSCN4171.JPG

Excursion to Khustup Mountain by car - 30000 AMD

C:\Users\Asrock_VS3\Desktop\Pics 2017\gitajoxov2017.04.15\IMG_5954.JPG

Rental of double tents - 1 tent is 2000 AMD

Overnight tent - 1 tent is 1000 AMD

Sleep Bag Rental – 1 bag is 1000 AMD

Binoculars rental - 2000 AMD per day

C:\Users\Asrock_VS3\Desktop\Pics 2017\gitajoxov2017.04.15\DSC00958.JPG

Conference hall provision - 40,000 AMD per day

Overnight stay at Shikahogh Visitors’ Center - 7000 AMD per person

Mandatory guide (in the reserve area) - 10000 AMD

Foreign language speaking guide - 15000 AMD

Translator - 15000 AMD 

Guide - 10000 AMD,

The price available in the price list include VAT.

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