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The trails pass through the Zangezur Biosphere Complex and it is a special state protected area. To enter the area you need to contact Zangezur Biosphere Management and pay entrance fee.
Address: Syunik Province, Kapan, M. Stepanyan St., 42/27
Phone: fixed (+374) 285 2 00 64,
mobile (+374) 98 661 601 Maria Petrosyan - Ecotourism Specialist

About the Trail

The eco-tourism trail has been explored, mapped and marked by ‘’Guides from the South’’ Tourism Development NGO, volunteers of US Peace Corps and other countries, partner organizations, within the framework of ‘’Eco-tourism as a socio-economic development stimulus in the communities adjacent to protected areas’’ project implemented as a part of small grant component.
The trail begins at St. Gevorg Chapel near Chakaten village and ends at the Meghri-Kapan highway, near the road leading to Tashtoon settlement. The length of the eco-trail is 97.2 km, of which 74.2 km have been mapped. The trail connects the Shikahogh State Reserve and Arevik National Park, which are considered specially protected nature reserve included in ‘’Zangezur Biosphere Complex’’, as well as Jakaten, Shikahogh, Tsav, Shishkert, Vardanidzor, Lichk, Tashtoon settlements. It consists of 7 segments, each of which can be a one-day hiking tour. Separate tours can also be arranged by cross-country vehicle (land rover), jeep tours as well as horse tours.  The rich biodiversity also enables to organize professional tours: wildlife and bird watching, endemic plant research.

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