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Guesthouse ''Galya & Seryozha''

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The proposed guesthouse is on the second and third floors of the three-storey stone cottage. Up to 10 people can be accommodated at once: on the 2nd floor 1 quadruple and on the 3rd floor 3 twin double bed rooms. The bathroom and toilet are on the first floor, repaired and tiled. It is heated with wood. The dining room is also on the first floor.
The overnight fee for a four-person room without breakfast is AMD 3,000, with breakfast - AMD 4500; for 2 meals a day - AMD 6500 (in case of only breakfast and lunch - AMD 5500); for three meals per day - AMD 8000. In case of overnight stay without breakfast, free tea and coffee will be provided.
If 4 persons will stay in a four-person room, the room will only cost AMD 10,000 for an overnight stay; AMD 16000 with breakfast; AMD 24000 with three meals a day (in case of breakfast and lunch AMD 2000) and three meals a day - AMD 30,000.

Address: Village Nerkin Hand (Lower Hand), 1House, Apt. 1
Tel.: +374 93 75 98 93/Galya Gasparyan/,   
+374 77 74 04 14/Seryozha Adamyan


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