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Guesthouse «Laura Khalafyan»

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The proposed guesthouse: is on the first and second floors of a 2 storey stone cottage, with a separate entrance. It can accommodate 5 people in a 1 two beds room on the first floor and in a 3 beds room on the second floor with separate beds. The dining room is on the first floor. There is an outlet to the garden from the first floor. The bathroom is on the second floor. The toilet,which needs to be renovated,  is on the first floor.
One person’s night stay in a 4 bed room breakfast not included is AMD 3000, and AMD 4500 breakfast included; 2 meals a day AMD 6500 (breakfast and snack AMD 5500) 3 meals a day AMD 8000. Complimentary tea and coffee will be served for a night stay without breakfast.

Address:   Nerkin Hand, Cottage 5, apt. 2  
Tel+374 98 80 59 32/Laura Khalafyan/


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