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The proposed guesthouse is on the second floor of a two-storey stone house, with 2 bedrooms and a living-room and a  kitchen.It can accommodate 5-6 persons in two double bedrooms with twin beds. In the living room, it is possible to have 1-2 more people on a hide- away bed-sofa. There is a tiled toilet on the second floor. The bathroom is on the ground floor, tiled, heated with wood.
Spending the night in a twin bedroom costs AMD 4000 without breakfast; with breakfast AMD 5000; 2 meals a day AMD 7000. Complimentary tea and coffee will be served for a night without breakfast option. 
Breakfast includes milk, eggs, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, apricot jam and cereal, lavash, wildflower mountain tea, coffee and pastries. All these are home grown and eco friendly. 
If desired, lunch boxes can also be served for outings. Lunch boxes include tomatoes, cucumber, buckwheat, 2 slices of beef, cheese, greens, salads and beverages. 
The lunch box costs AMD 3000
 Two guests spending the night in 2 twin bedded rooms without breakfast will cost AMD 8000; with breakfast AMD 10000; 2 meals/day AMD 14000;3 meals a day AMD 17000.

Address: Village Shikahogh, 1st street, House #9
Tel.: +374 94 22 20 61 /Аrpik Arzumanyan/
E-mail: narushik333@mail.ru


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