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Village Vardzanidzor


Vardanidzor village is part of the Meghri community, in Syunik Marz, Armenia. Up until 1988-1990 the village was settled by Azeries before being resettled by Armenians who immigrated from Azerbaijan. 
The ruins of a 1000 BC medieval fortress is located in near village, as well as a 16-18th century cemetery. The cemetery contains many khachkars (cross-stones), notably Khatun’s khachkar erected in 1651 and Michael khachkar from 1551. There is also a mine that dates back to medieval times, an anonymous 17th century church, the Tkhkut church, and a number of nearby settlements (Pushkag, Khumaran, Lsavank, and Terterasar). 
       According to the villagers, Vardan Mamikonyan passed through this village on his way to Persia.
Vardanidzor has warm and mild climatic conditions and is an ideal place for an active vacation.


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